Download RELEASE v2.7.0.20

Known Issues:
If you select a target and the target is not avaliable, it will drop on the ground.
If your are using it to put peices into a chest, when the chest is full, it will start putting them on the ground
New peices 'handed' to you can not be picked up by WorldFilter untill you re-login

07/11/2006 Version - Totals golds seperatly and tabulates XP baised on maxed out return

06/12/2006 Version - (DECAL ALPHA 7)
Now shows a total of golds
New option to filter out the turn in spam

01/12/2006 Version - (DECAL ALPHA5d) RELEASE
Mostly cosmetic changes.
Now shows the target name instead of the GUID.
Added a check to make sure you were not trying to hand items to yourself.
Now checks between each turn-in to make sure your target is valid
(IE: you or the target got separated like by death, logoff, recalled, etc...)

12/21/2005 Version - Initial BETA
No complaints, it appears to be working fine.