A Treatise on the PvP Balance Between Mages and Melees comparing a level 55 4 school mage with mana conversion with a level 40 melee with item enchantment.

  1. Skills needed to purchase. (Advantage Melee) - A melee needs to purchase
    Healing, Item Enchantment, and Melee Defense. A mage needs to purchase 4 magic
    schools and mana conversion.
  2. Attack type. (Advantage Melee) - Sticky melee is very fast, very hard to
    run away from, and you cant manually dodge with strafe keys. War magic is
    easily dodged and life magic easily run away from.
  3. Length of time the attack can be sustained. (Advantage Melee) - Stamina
    for a melee is used up slowly, mana for a mage is used up quickly.
  4. Overall expense to play (Big Advantage Melee)
  5. Downtime (Advantage Melee) Mages must buff, buy components, learn spells
    of 4 schools
  6. Armor being a necessity (Advantage Melee) Melees begin with a high strength,
    makes sense that a melee needs armor. Mages begin with a low strength. Strength
    has more than 1 purpose for a melee, ie it helps with damage. Mages get no
    ancillary benefits from strength.
  7. Time to prepare for combat (Advantage Melee) - Melee casts about 3 item
    spells, mages need to cast about 20+ spells.
  8. Expense when PvPing (Advantage Melee) - It costs a mage between 2-3k in
    regs each time he buffs, while a melee about 400 pyreals.
  9. Fleeing combat via foot (Advantage Melee) - They commonly have a faster
    run skill
  10. Fleeing combat via magic (Advantage Mage) - They commonly have wand in hand
  11. Begins with a defense vs the opposite class (Advantage Melee) Melees begin
    with Magic Defense, Mages need to purchase melee defense.
  12. Primary offense No-Drop? (Advantage Melee) - Mages can lose magic wands
    and components, Melees don't lose Atlans/Hollows/Gertarhs, etc.
  13. Is effective vs the opposite class naked and unbuffed? (Advantage Melee)
    - A naked, unbuffed mage dies in about 3 seconds. A naked, unbuffed melee
    still has melee defense and can still dodge/outrun offensive spells.
  14. Can survive 3 of the opposite class? (Advantage Melee) - A mage will not
    survive vs 3 melees, yet a melee can still dodge and outrun the offensive
    magics of 3 mages.
  15. Skill required to effectively PvP (Advantage Melee) - It is much easier
    to PvP with a melee - You choose a target and surf, and run and heal. Mages
    have to target, hit, choose the correct spell type, overcome spell economy
    spell failures, etc.
  16. Ease of getting new Turbine quests/special items. (Advantage Melee) - A
    level 5 can get a hollow weapon, yet it is close to impossible to stay stocked
    in Diamond Scarabs and very time consuming to get the new spell powders. Researching
    the new spells can take weeks.
  17. Vulnerability to a raid when unbuffed (Advantage Melee) - A mage in town
    unbuffed dies in about 3 seconds, while a melee still has his melee defense
    to give him some protection.
  18. Raids a town vs unbuffed people (Advantage Melee) - A melee will kill a
    lot of people if he raids town, yet a mage will get one if he is lucky with
    his magics.
  19. Speed of leveling alone (Advantage Mage) Mages historically can level faster
    at most level ranges.
  20. Cost to level (Advantage Melee) It is much cheaper to level a melee than
    a mage.
  21. Length of time you can raid before resupply (Advantage Melee) A mage carrying
    about 50 of each component needs to resupply every 3-5 buffs or about 45 minutes.
    A melee can effectively raid for many hours, including buffing his weapons/armor
    on the fly.
  22. Ease of talking in combat (Advantage Melee)
  23. Can fail an attack not due to opponent's defenses (Advantage Melee) A mage
    can fail a spell or the spell can just not go off.
  24. Skill points for main offensive skill (Advantage Melee) No points for unarmed,
    staff, or dagger. 16 points for War Magic.
  25. Which one is more lag-effected? (Advantage Melee) Once a melee is locked
    on, the server takes over. If a mage lags, his spells don't go off.
  26. Spell Economy (Advantage Melee) Melees don't get weaker as more people use
    weapons or surf, yet mages get noticeably weaker due to spell economy.
  27. Damage bonus (Advantage Melee) Mages get no bonus to damage due to Focus/Self,
    yet melees get damage bonuses to due Strength/Coordination.
  28. Ease of "twinking" (Advantage Melee) It is much easier to help
    level a melee than it is a mage.

A few conclusions:

  1. As you can see, out of 28 categories, the melee has the advantage in 26.
  2. In order to look at PvP balance, one cannot put on blinders and see what
    happens when a mage and melee fight 1v1 when they are both ready, one needs
    to consider the ENTIRE playing experience.
  3. Logically, why should any weapon (ie a hollow) that can be wielded by any
    level of person (yes, level 5s included) be so powerful that it ignores the
    most potent protective spells known to man or monster?
  4. Logically, why should a level 40 melee (with about 20 million experience)
    be able to compete with a level 55 mage (with about 85 million experience)?
    Why shouldn't a mage, using a level 6 life magic vulnerability spell and a
    level 6 war magic spell, the most powerful spells ever, be able to kill someone
    with their experience and using a skill that cost no Skill Credit
    to purchase?

I submit that there is NO balance in the PvP of Asheron's Call due to the above

KV the Anti