How to Get Started with Macroing in Asheron's Call
By: El-Diablo
AC Vault Name: El-Diablo-of-Dt
***UPDATED 7/28/2006***


1) Go to
2) Download "Decal 3 Alpha 7 ( - Thursday, June 08, 2006"
3) Click the "Requirements" tab on the Decal Website.
4) **Read all of the Minimum Requirements for Decal 3** download them all. DONT MISS ANYTHING.
5) Usually people who play AC don't NEED to upgrade anything often because they play AC, which has little requirements and they have crappy computers. This is not the case for Decal. UPDATE!
6) Consider it again and make sure you have done all the updates. This will save error-time later.
7) Download "LifeTank XI" for Decal Alpha 7 at
8) Go to  and go to the DOWNLOAD section of the website
9) You see where he has flashing RED text that says, "Run Windows Update"- DO IT! Right now.
10) Go to where it says "READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS!" read all of them and download all the updates.
12) Download ELTank Download V2.6.0.20-Beta-7 MSI
13) Everything should be downloaded and installed.
14) Become familiar with this forum and how to read it:
15) Thats the AC utility forum. Do you know what I mean by how to read it? No? You don't? What I meant was scan for useful programs by scanning your eyes down the # of replies. 40+ replies means it might be useful. 0 replies = spam.
16) Look for fun and interesting programs; For Example:
17) Download Sort It! and see how great it is, try finding even better programs.
18) Sort It! does help you macro. Arrange DIs by value and throw away low value DIs, you will no longer lose your good items (to PKs) while macroing.
19) By now you have Eltank, Lifetank, Sort It! Why do you need all 3? You will figure it out yourself. Find methods. Each program is useful in its own way.
20) Don't cry about not knowing how to use them. Stop. Think. Click on EVERY SINGLE tab. Use your logic. Understand what each button is for. Creating macros requires intelligence, using them requires only logic.
21) Find a location to macro. I will not tell you any. Theres so many places I wouldn't belive you if you told me you didn't know of at least one.
22) Read the STICKIES on every forum you ever visit, for the rest of your entire life. PLEASE. I swear to God your I.Q. will increase by +20 if you do.
23) there is a sticky to AC utilities forum. Read down it, its like a candy shop of useful tools, people spent long hours making these free programs for you, at least spend 10 minutes looking through them all.

Problems: If you run into a problem like an error message or whatever, here is how to fix it:
1) The number one method to fixing all computer problems is restarting. Resetting. Whatever. Restart AC. Restart your computer. It's magic.
2) The number two method to fixing all computer problems is updating. Assume you screwed up in the update process and forgot a requirement. I wouldn't doubt 75% of people who read this text will forget at least something, or figure, "nah I don't need to do that" but they really will.
3) Like I said, I believe 3/4 of you who read this will encounter an error. Thats a lot of programs to install an on old and crappy computer like yours. I bet at least one of them you forgot to update or read the requirements for. Double check.
4) If you don't know which program is causing the error. Use logic. Logic is your main tool for completing this mission. Read the error. Is it DirectX related? Is it related to one of the plugins? Does resolution ring a bell? Which plugin? If AC won't run or one of the plugins is screwing something up, try unchecking the program in the Decal list. Each program one at a time, test them all. Turn off Decal if you have to, you might need to change resolution to a greater size. 800X600 is not good.
5) Once you have used your deductive reasoning to conclude which is giving you the problem, then triple check that you have done every single update and requirement on the website.
6) After you have done as much as you possibly could, give up and ask for help on the creators Forum, on AC Utilities forum, or e-mail the guy who created it. He probably won't even respond.
7) I can't possibly write how to fix every error this list is only a guideline.

Please remember to obsess yourself with logic. You will notice a person good with computers may see a program he has never seen before, and already know how to use it better than professionals who use it daily.

I write to you this list in hopes that one day you may level up and challenge me on the battlefield.
This dying game needs more players to resurrect its once greatness.
Being level 18 dying to harms at Marketplace does not help. (I harmed someone lvl 18 in MP right b4 writing this guide!)
Please, macro, get high level, challenge everyone.
I wish you good luck.