AChard Server Information

Server Name: AChard
Server Address: A-CHARD.DDNS.NET
Server Port: 9000
Server Discord:
Server Reserved WCID Range(WCID SHEET): 8080000 - 8089999

AChard Server Configuration:
PK ONLY Server
Mansion Rank Requirement: (3)
No Pyreals drop on death
No Global Chat until Level (50) and (13) HOURS of game time
Limited to (8) Connections per IP
Each ACCOUNT can own (1) house
House Rent is disabled until necessary

The Marketplace is NPK for tradebot characters Level <=200

advanced_combat_pets = true
allow_fast_chug = true
container_opener_name = true
corpse_destroy_pyreals = true
corpse_spam_limit = 10
default_subscription_level 4 = true(ToD Pre-Order)
fastbuff = true
fellow_busy_no_recruit = false
fellowship_even_share_level = 50
house_per_char = false
mansion_min_rank = 3
max_chars_per_account = 15
permit_corpse_all = false
pk_server = true
pk_server_safe_training_academy = false
pk_respite_timer = 300
rare_drop_rate_percent = 0.06
reportbug_enabled = true
show_ammo_buff = true
show_aura_buff = true
spellcast_recoil_queue = true
summoning_killtask_multicredit_cap = 2
suicide_instant_death = false
taboo_table = true
teleport_visibility_fix = 1
updated_loot_system = true
xp_modifier = 1.21

- No Threats to other users of DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats.
- No circumventing of concurrent account max limit
- No place for racism here. It will not be tolerated
- No flagrant name sniping please
- No Cheating. Offenders will be punished with account/character deletions

This is a NO BULLSHIT server.
Were almost all partially senile, past due, slightly damaged old men.
There will be very little to nearly ZERO administration and general bullshit with Admins and Envoys.
I don't have time for that shit. I don't even, at this time, have time to even play.
I do however, sometimes have time to code the stuff from my old school wish lists I kept from days gone by.

The AChard database will live on for as long as possible. It will move, it will migrate or upgrade,
It could possibility go OFFLINE for a few days or weeks, I WILL DIE someday, but rest assured,
your characters and logins will live on.

This is a slow moving, on-going side project.
I have a real life that requires lots of my time.
Enjoy the server? Have an idea for a customization?
Want to provide a customization for the server?
Let me know on AChard Discord.

Help on how to setup Asheron's Call to play on an AChard.
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