AChard Server Information

Server Name: AChard
Server Address: A-CHARD.DDNS.NET
Server Port: 9000
Server Discord:
Server Reserved WCID Range(WCID SHEET): 8080000 - 8089999

AChard Server Configuration:
PK ONLY Server
Mansion Rank Requirement: 3
No Pyreals drop on death
No Global Chat until level 15 and 12 hours of game time
Limited to 4 Connections per IP
Each ACCOUNT can own 1 house
House Rent is disabled until necessary
15 Characters per Account

reportbug_enabled = true
default_subscription_level 4 = true(ToD Pre-Order)
pk_server = true
fellow_busy_no_recruit = false
pk_server_safe_training_academy = false
show_aura_buff = true
show_ammo_buff = true
rare_drop_rate_percent = 0.06
xp_modifier = 1.21
allow_fast_chug = true
mansion_min_rank = 3
pk_respite_timer = 300
max_chars_per_account = 15
advanced_combat_pets = true
house_per_char = false
updated_loot_system = true
corpse_destroy_pyreals = true

- No Threats to other users of DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats.
- No circumventing of concurrent account max limit
- No place for racism here. It will not be tolerated
- No flagrant name sniping please
- No Cheating. Offenders will be punished with account/character deletions

This is a NO BULLSHIT server.
Were almost all partially senile, past due, slightly damaged old men.
There will be very little to nearly ZERO administration and general bullshit with Admins and Envoys.
I don't have time for that shit. I don't even, at this time, have time to even play.
I do however, sometimes have time to code the stuff from my old school wish lists I kept from days gone by.

The AChard database will live on for as long as possible. It will move, it will migrate or upgrade,
It could possibility go OFFLINE for a few days or weeks, I WILL DIE someday, but rest assured,
your characters and logins will live on.

This is a slow moving, on-going side project.
I have a real life that requires lots of my time.
Enjoy the server? Have an idea for a customization?
Want to provide a customization for the server?
Let me know on AChard Discord.

Help on how to setup Asheron's Call to play on an AChard.
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